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Our passion for excellence and our eye for innovation are only matched by our enthusiasm for living. It’s lifes rich diversity that is the inspiration our designers draw upon.

Beneath a sparkling chrome finish every one of our taps is engineered and manufactured to exacting standards which are covered by our 15 year guarantee.

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Bathrooms 24-7
7 - 9 Narborough Road

Tele: 0116 275 77 56
Email: bathrooms leicester email

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Slide show of some of our recent bathroom installations

  • Anju 3
  • Anju 3a
  • Anju 3b
  • Anju 3c
  • Installation 470a
  • Installation 470b
  • Installation 492a
  • Installation 495a
  • Installation 496a
  • Installation 498a
  • Installation 507a
  • Installation 579a
  • Installation 579b
  • Installation 579c
  • Installation 579d
  • Installation 579e
  • Installation 579f

Kitchen Installation Slideshow

our kitchen installations

No detail has been overlooked because after all at bathrooms 24-7 we understand more than anyone that a great bathroom is only the sum total of the creativity of its designers and the aspirations of the customers.